Compuware extends Gomez platform to offer end-to-end web apps testing

The following is an article about performance testing.

"Compuware has updated its Gomez Web Load Testing platform to include tools from recently acquired dynaTrace, allowing customers to perform end-to-end tests on web applications.
Compuware Gomez 360-degree Web Load Testing combines the Gomez load testing tool with the dynaTrace PurePlath platform so that enterprises can test loads at granular levels and view performance data at the individual transaction level.
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Web application developers and administrators will be able to test how an application holds up under high demand when multiple transactions are being processed, the firm said.
Jeff Loeb, vice president of product marketing for Compuware's Application Performance Management unit, told V3 that the update is the first major integration between dynaTrace and Gomez products, and that more updates will follow.
"It allows you to look at every individual transaction and capture all the attributes associated with that transaction," he said. "It is an industry first in getting this 360-degree view."
Loeb explained that the software supports web-based applications ranging from internal tools in large enterprises to customer-facing operations. But the system may be most useful in testing retail platforms.
"In general, load testing ensures that applications perform when it matters most, when there is peak traffic," he said.
"For instance, web application availability and performance are most important at times of the year when traffic is the greatest, like the upcoming holiday season."

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