Infrastructure Intelligence Success: Keeping Up with Internet Usage Growth

The following is a good article on load testing by Stephanie Klaiber.

"The Internet is ever evolving and shows no sign of stopping. According to a ComScore Q3 State of the Internet report:

215.1 million Americans used the Internet in July 2011
The average user was online 25.3 days in the month, for a total of 34.8 hours, and viewed 3,029 pages
86% of Internet visitors viewed an online video in the U.S., for an average of 18.2 hours each
Businesses need to follow and understand Internet trends so they can best serve their customers and develop business objectives that drive their bottom line. This surge in Internet users means businesses need to prepare their corporate websites and applications to handle spikes in web traffic.

Website monitoring and load testing are two essential tools that help businesses keep up with these trends. Real-time external monitoring and full-service load testing help organizations gauge website and application performance at various levels of load from the end-user perspective. This is key to identifying and fixing problems before customers ever become aware of them.

Around this time last year, Internet startup retail delivery supplier Shutl anticipated a significant increase in business due to the upcoming holiday shopping season and planned service expansion for customers. Shutl used Webmetrics monitoring and load testing solutions to ensure its online services could support rapidly growing demand.

Today, Shutl has greater visibility into the success of its website and can address performance problems that directly impact current revenue and long-term business growth."

A well written article by Stephanie Klaiber.

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