MSDN Webcast: Load and Performance Testing: Release your application with confidence (Level 200)

The following is an article about load and performance testing.

"Best practices have demonstrated that testing must start as early as possible in the application development process. This rule also applies to load and performance testing. Performance issues often appear because of weaknesses in the architecture that can slow the entire application down, and resolving the problem can become costly. Thus, fixing the problem as early as possible can save a huge amount of time and effort. In general, companies with web or internal applications do not focus enough on building a strategy for load and test performance because of lack of time and complexity of tooling. Microsoft Visual studio 2010 provides integrated tools to measure, improve and verify application performance under the most demanding conditions. InCycle invites you to a webinar to discover different load and performance testing strategies with Visual Studio 2010, and learn how to use unit and web performance tests to generate and run load test scenarios. A key benefit of load and performance testing with Visual Studio is that you will utilize tools within an environment your team is already familiar with, and will be using the same testing framework already used by your developers. We will demonstrate how easy it is to quickly learn and make use of the testing tools provided in Visual Studio.

Presenter: Robert Palmer, ALM Consultant, InCycle Software