Performance Testing and Load Testing

The following is a good article on load testing and performance testing from Soasta.

"Most companies – if they are testing at all – are using performance testing and load testing tools designed for a different era, when 1,000 concurrent users was high traffic and most users were employees.

SOASTA CloudTest® offers companies with consumer facing websites a transformational approach for ensuring high performance under normal, as well as extreme traffic conditions. With the advent of social media, focused marketing events, and an ever-growing stream of new mobile devices, this has become an increasingly dicey proposition – making performance testing and load testing tools more important than ever. Without performance testing, external events such as the Super Bowl, Cyber-Monday, Tax Day, Valentines Day, a significant drop in interest rates or even news about a celebrity can suddenly drive unforeseen traffic to a web site turning success into embarrassment if the site is slow, or worse, if the site crashes under the load.

Accurate, Scalable and Affordable

CloudTest harnesses the power of cloud computing for accurate, scalable and affordable load testing and performance testing. Constrained by lack of resources, lack of time, poor tool scalability, and exorbitant pricing models, performance engineers have been forced to test at lower scale and extrapolate results, eliminate ‘think times,’ or use a number of other techniques to approximate live production conditions. The CloudTest Platform now opens up elastic, full-scale load generation from global locations at affordable cost. There are no longer reasons to cut corners.

Rapid, Iterative Testing

With CloudTest, performance testing teams quickly create and execute tests with real-time analytics for rapid, iterative testing. Performance test engineers rarely, if ever, want to execute a single test. What they want is to execute a series of tests, each building on the prior test’s results, in rapid succession.

CloudTest’s patented visual test environment supports the creation of very complex tests – without programming – in hours.
Load servers are dynamically provisioned inside the firewall or on the cloud for fast test execution at any scale from any location.
Real-time analytics help identify and resolve issues while tests are running.
Performance and monitoring metrics are aggregated and correlated on a single time line with drill-down for inspection at any level of detail.
Tests can be paused or stopped the instant an issue is found and re-started once it is resolved.
CloudTest eliminates time consuming scripting and offline analysis for rapid load test creation, execution and analysis.

Internal and External Performance Testing Through the Life Cycle

By reducing the time and expense of performance testing, CloudTest enables testing early in the lifecycle. And it’s powerful enough to support both internal and external performance testing at any scale from any global location.

It’s easy for developers to create and run low-scale performance tests and incorporate tests, test execution, and test results into continuous integration servers like Hudson and Jenkins.
As tests grow in complexity and scale, QA can use internal lab resources to generate load.
As applications move into production, both internal and external resources can be leveraged to thoroughly test complete application delivery chains, at predicted scale, against production architectures.
Rather than constrained to a single flight of tests late in the life cycle, CloudTest supports rapid, iterative performance testing throughout the life cycle for increased test coverage and confidence – ensuring your applications deliver the highest possible performance under any load.

CloudTest Features

Load generation from internal and external servers from a single platform with integrated analytics.
Visual test creation environment including constructs for creating complex tests – without programming.
Support for dynamic web and mobile technologies and protocols including HTML5, AJAX, Flash, SOAP and REST.
Access to the largest, global test cloud for globally distributed testing at any scale.
Dynamic and fully automated test grid provisioning.
Complete control of test execution – start, pause, stop, modify, re-start and analyze.
Single integrated view of performance and monitoring metrics.
Real-time analytics to rapidly isolate issues as tests are executing, at any scale.
Single platform for functional and load testing from lab through production.
Affordable for everyday testing.
Take the Challenge

Can any other performance testing platform stand up to CloudTest? Download CloudTest Lite today to see for yourself."

A good article from Soasta.