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The following article is about load testing and performance testing.

"What is Load testing? Is load testing and performance testing same?
These are questions may arise for some who are new to testing , i have described below about Load testing.

What ever may be the domain and what ever may be the project but the customers expect the quality and at the same time the speediness and response time on navigation's , clicks , loading of a page or images etc.

After release of a product many people will be accessing it at a time. Hence the capacity of a product is also a important constraint.
So, to determine the capacity of the application in terms of number of users use the application at the same time.

Load testing:
Load testing belongs to a type of system testing. It is a type of system testing which involves in series of sequential load is applied on an application to verify and determine the bearing capacity of an application.

The load testing is again divided in to types as follows:

Initial Load:
Initial load is the load at which the load testing can be initiated on an application.
This involves in just invoking browser and opening the application.
Constant incremental Load:
Constant incremental load is a process of adding load to the previous load consistently every time load testing is performed.
In other words increasing the initial load in step by step process while testing an application.

Target Load :
This is the load that must be supported for the application with out failure.( Always the development should be done considering this load as minimal load for any product)

Critical load :
Critical load is the load more than the target load applied for the application where and when it starts degrading. Saying in other words this is the maximum load at which the application works as expected

Load testing is nothing but increasing the number of users."

A well written article about load testing posted by Veneela.