Top five best online practices for retailers

Online retail sales increased by 14 percent last year. It is predicted that sales this year will be even higher. More and more shoppers are choosing to spend their money online. That should make website developers want to make sure their customers have a good web experience.

Five ways retailers can improve the internet shopping experience for consumers:

1. Know your customers, their profiles and their usage patterns.

2. Continually check on your customers’ experience.

3. Know what contributes to your customer’s experience.

4. Benchmark.

5. Connect the web experience to business results.

If you build a business-to-business website, customers might come. If they do, you must take important steps to ensure they get the service they need, make the purchases they came for, continue using the cost-effective web channel, and enjoy an experience that strengthens your valuable brand. After all, a lot is at risk: Revenue, customers, the brand itself, the business – and then what else is there?