Web Performance Load Testing

The following article is about load testing.

"When the starter’s pistol signals the beginning of the 2011 ING New York City Marathon on November 6th, fans everywhere will race to the web to track the progress of their favorite runners. And like the marathon itself, the site will play host to some heavy traffic. Thanks to Web Performance's load testing consultants, the site’s servers will have no problems speeding through the increased load.

Consultants from Web Performance set up the site to interface with Google Maps, allowing visitors to follow runners’ progress in real-time. The site’s initial configuration—built to handle 30,000 concurrent users with an average page duration of less than two seconds—initially included nine web servers and three database servers, with a single load-balancer distributing load. After conducting a thorough initial assessment, however, Web Performance increased the array to a more realistic twelve web servers and four database servers.

“Web Performance’s service was outstanding,” says Diego Marin of NYRR, the race association that organizes the NYC Marathon and an intensive calendar of other races throughout the year. “Their engineers went beyond stress testing to help me pinpoint potential bottlenecks within my environment.”

Web Performance’s initial load tests revealed sluggish performance at 2,000 users, dropped connections at 6,000 users caused by a hardware configuration problem. Web Performance consultants also discovered a number of 503 Service Unavailable errors, which they fixed after reconfiguring the hardware and running additional load tests. From start to finish, the entire project ran less than two weeks and was completed in time to track the race season, which began on April 23rd and includes the famed ING New York City Marathon.

“When it came to brainstorming, they were there," Marin says. "When I had to stress test any time of day, they were there as well. They were invaluable.”


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