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The following is an article , written by Vernon, about load testing.

"Analyzing your website traffic is of immense importance for a number of reasons. It is quite crucial to know the number of visitors visiting a website and how did they reach on that specific website. It is very beneficial for a website owner to analyze website statistics often as it helps him to know how a visitor finds the website in search engines and it also helps them to check and track the awareness of their updated site content. Moreover one should have a complete idea as to how to interpret the data. Several web hosting services aid you with essential web traffic statistics for which you need to interpret it and must use it relevantly. The data given by the web hosting companies may be overwhelming.

But then you should apply it to your particular website or business. Initially we must begin with the most fundamental information as to how many visitors visited your site on everyday, weekly and monthly basis. The number of visitors shows how your website is working. It just means, the greater the number of guests to your website the better is your website doing, but anyways this can be an incorrect observation. For this you even need to check the behavior of the guests when they visit your website in order to accurately judge the effenciency of your website.

website monitoring

You may be frequently confused about the common word called ‘hits’ which simply indicates the number of times the information is requested by the server. Thus, hits might not give you the true idea about the effective quality web traffic to your website. If you really think that a hit will sum up to the number of graphics on your webpage, you may be incorrect as the concept of hits is very overstated. Suppose your homepage has of 20 graphics, but it is very surprising to learn that the server records as 20 hits while actually it is a single visitor visiting single page of your website. From this it is very clear that hits are not helpful to analyze your web traffic. In order to get an accurate understanding, it is essential to have more visitors to your website and if there is increased web traffic to your webpage, you can precisely analyze the overall behavior of the guest.

And if the number of visitors are quite less and irregular, your study is distorted to a great extent as you are incapable to interpret the information. The basic notion to use the web traffic statistics is to examine how your website is working for the guests. The other technique to understand this is to find out the time span that the visitor spends on your website. If the visitor spends a very short period then you have to accept the fact that there is a genuine problem with your website and you really have to know what the problem is. The website traffic also assists you to determine the efficient and ineffective sections of your website. If you think that any of the webpage is very informative but then too its not producing the desired traffic, you need to search where the exact problem lies and develop it accordingly. And if it happens that any webpage is been visited and used for a number of times then you can focus your marketing notions on that webpage. By doing so, you even can generate good returns.

Obviously your website has an outlet page, but it is not that each guests exits through the exit page that has order form, as most of them do not get what exactly they are looking for, so you will see several exit pages. Unlike to this if most of your guests are exiting through the exit page then you have to detect the actual problem. Once you find the problem, you can correct it by just altering the content or design which immensely influences your visitor. Next important thing is to pay a close attention on keywords that direct a large number of visitors to your website.

Thus by this way you can get great targeted web traffic to your website. Well, if we believe that the customer is misdirected because of a specific keyword used, you should rectify that keyword also. A proper keyword generates quality web traffic. And if you get numerous visitors to your website who type your brand name, its time to party. This indicates you have achieved the most awaited brand awareness and it is time where victory is simply waiting for you.

The ideal loading time for a website should be 3 seconds. The longer it takes to load, the number of inquiries, customers in turn business we lose. The faster a web page loads the longer a customer stays on the page. The longer the user stays, more business we have rolling. In order to ensure that end users response time are acceptable at all times, it is necessary to measure the time. Monitoring website and measurement is very important to a live system as it enables us to identify problems early on and lets debug it! In order to make sure that web pages are fast, it is very important to constantly monitor and measure the web page performance throughout the development phase.
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During the testing phase it is equally important to load test the page and applications with respect to the traffic. So it is equally important to monitor web page and web applications during the development and testing phase. Website performance can be monitored in a various ways: One can be technical, and the other is simply by testing with users and observing whether they are satisfied. The technical way is by observing the site load time and to see how fast a web page loads and how many bytes have been transferred. This further goes to usability testing. To go about his In a non technical way, we can just do a survey on the users with the speed of the user interface and usability.

Another fact and a positive note of website performance is that about 80% to 90% of low or poorer performance happens in the front end itself! If we just think back, once the browser gets the html, the developer has nothing more to do! So its all in the javascript optimization. To get to peak website performance, we will have to optimize java scripts , images, CSS and HTML along with the back end."

A good article by Vernon about load testing.