Website Testing and Localisation

The following is an article on performance testing.

"The design and performance of your website hinges on crucial details. Just as the smallest mechanical car part can make the difference between winning and losing a race, the performance of your website is critical to meeting your business objectives and creating an optimal experience for your users.
Testronic Labs offers end-to-end quality assurance services that support all of your objectives, from functionality to compatibility with different browsers and devices, performance, security and usability.
In addition, our localisation team can provide translation services and verify the technical and cultural performance of your website in your chosen languages.
With an experienced team of on-site test engineers and translators, and with highly qualified consultants ready to base themselves at your facility, Testronic Labs offers a tailor-made solution to meet your website requirements.
Please talk to us for an informal discussion and a proposal. If performance testing is your concern, why not take a free instant test?"

A good article on performance testing.