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Cloud Testing - Apica's three-sided approach to cloud computing testing

The following is an article about cloud testing from Apica.

"Cloud Testing - Why is it different?

When you test cloud applications, you need to validate and verify specific cloud functionality such as redundancy and performance scalability. For many cloud providers, dynamic instance-creation of new servers based on CPU load and failover to other availability zones come standard.

But does it really work? Is your application written in such a way that it can take full advantage of these features? These are the kind of actionable results you'll get from Apica LoadTest. We will guide you through the jungle of configuration of load balancing and front-end cache system management based on best practices and our experience with a wide variety of cloud projects.

In testing cloud applications, it's also critically important to mimic real user loads. Because it's never a good idea to only test from the same cloud provider or availability zone, Apica has load test servers in all major clouds and locations around the world.

We will test your cloud application to the limit regardless of your backend structure.

Cloud Testing Resources

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Shopatron Avoids Holiday “Scrambles” with BrowserMob Load Testing from Neustar

The following is a good article about load testing from BrowserMob.

"“We want to be ready for the unexpected,” said Dave Cumberland, VP of Engineering for Shopatron in a recent Internet Retailer article on holiday readiness. According to Cumberland, that’s why Shopatron, a provider of integrated ecommerce solutions, conducts rigorous load testing with BrowserMob from Neustar.
With 40% of its annual revenue coming in the fourth quarter, Shopatron needed to perform at its best between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Noted Cumberland, this means a 99.999% service-level agreement and average page loads of 2.5 seconds.
Facing Holiday Website Traffic with Confidence
“We see a lot of orders and a lot of browsing traffic,” said Cumberland. “Everything has to work up to our standards.” In previous years, before Shopatron began its load testing regimen, the company “held our breath” during the holiday rush.
Choosing BrowserMob for its flexible, On-Demand Load Testing service, Shopatron tests thoroughly during the holiday ramp-up, unleashing traffic surges to ensure its site doesn’t slow to a crawl or, worse, crash. “The overall results were tremendous,” said Cumberland. “More than anything, we felt much more confident as we entered the holidays.”
Read the case study on how Shopatron leveraged BrowserMob Load Testing to prepare for the holidays.
Additional Load Testing Resources

An Introduction to Performance Testing

An interesting article, written by Jim Holmes, about performance testing is as follows:

"If you've been monitoring our roadmap or other announcement channels, you may have heard we’re bringing performance testing to Test Studio. This is a pretty exciting step for us, and it lets us bring some great functionality to help you continue to boost the quality of the software you’re delivering.
I thought I’d take some time to lay down some of my opinions and experiences around performance testing in general as a bit of a lead in to later posts which will showcase our performance testing functionality. I’ll be writing a number of posts over the next few weeks to cover some fundamentals around performance testing.
The phrase “performance testing” can mean a great many things to different people in different scenarios, so covering a few of the different types of tests may be helpful.
Performance Testing is generally an umbrella term covering a number of different, more complex test environments. I’ve also used the term to describe a very simple set of scenarios meant to provide a baseline for performance regressions.
Load Testing generally uses a number of concurrent users to see how the system performs and find bottlenecks

Performance Testing Interview with Jason Buksh

The following is a good article about performance testing by LoadStorm.

" Tags: interview, load testing, performance testing
Jason Buksh is a Technical Test Manager at Expedia in London, England. Jason has extensive experience with performance testing at many companies including HSBC and Siemens. He is skilled with tools such as Rational, Grinder, and Performance Studio. His certifications include LoadRunner.

We appreciate his time to share some good thoughts with us about a topic that gets us excited. Here is his interview with us.

What is your technical background?
I learned to program when I was 13 - it was a vic20, I then swiftly moved onto 6502 for the BBC micro. University studying computer science was an obvious and easy progression for me. First job was writing rendering engines (C++) for virtual reality simulators. I would describe myself as a techie at heart - I’m genuinely interested in how things work. I think having a strong and long background in IT enables me to grasp new concepts easily - which is great when I have to go into different companies and need to understand their systems quickly. I've a 2:1 in Computer Science, ISEB Practitioner and SCRUM Master Certified.

Do you consider yourself more of a software developer or QA professional?

Performance Testing Services (PTS)

The following is an article about performance testing by wipro.

"Performance Testing is a process by which a product/software is
tested to determine its current performance. The objective is to
establish the system’s ability to function to specification and
demonstrate acceptable response times while processing the uired
transaction volumes on a production-sized database.
Performance Testing proactively determines the speed, capacity &
degradation of existing systems with various loads / configurations
under controlled & uncontrolled environments. It minimizes the risks of
production downtime and poor performance of new applications or
upgrades by verifying their ability to meet service levels and uptime
requirements. Performance Testing determines stability and scalability
of the application and above all gives the business & user confidence
based on reliability.
Wipro's Performance Testing Practice
Wipro's Performance Testing Practice has rich experience in
performance engineering tools from leading international and open
source tools like Open STA, JMeter, etc. The consulting team is
proficient with the approaches, methodologies and frameworks to
provide an end-to-end performance solution for the complete
Our Approach to Performance Testing
Well defined performance test lifecycle
In-house load testing methodology & best

iomart Hosting Takes the Great Run into the Cloud

The following is an article about loadtesting from iomart.

"iomart's cloud hosting helps Nova International manage increase in race entries

iomart Hosting, one of the UK's leading cloud computing and managed hosting companies, has taken Nova International, organiser of the world's biggest half marathon the Great North Run, into the cloud.

Nova migrated its Great North Run website to the cloud with iomart Hosting earlier this year and will be performance testing the solution over the next few weeks. More than half a million people will visit the site over this coming weekend for the Bupa Great North Run, as well as registering for Nova's other Great Run events in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Portsmouth which take place in October.

Chris Kewin, IT Director at Nova International, said: "iomart Hosting's technical expertise and support provides relief to Nova's small but busy IT team. It's critical for our business that we have a 24/7 scalable service.

The SSD Performance Test:

The following is an article on performance testing.

"60GB KingFast is testing winner
DRAMeXchange tested the mainstream products of 2.5" SSDs, including the standard SSDs with affordable prices and the high-speed SDDs, which are adopted by medium and small size companies and work stations.

September 09 2011, 12:45 PM
The categories of tested SSDs include SATA2 with 60GB and 100GB storage and latest SATA3 with over 100GB storage, which are for different members’ references.

At present, most of desktop and laptop computers are only compatible with SATA2, so the 60GB SSD, whose price ranges from $100 to $150, is a perfect choice for the consumers who want to improve computer performance with lower budget. Moreover, the cheapest SSD in this Test has exceeded traditional HDDs in read-in performance.

The Best SSD of SATA2 60GB MLC

Considering the factors of integrated efficiency, specification and price, KingFast KF2501MCF is the testing winner. The following ones in overall ranking are also recommendable:

Richmax/ SUPERSSPEED Seraphim MLC 60GB
Apacer Turbo AS602
Intel SSDSA2CW080G3 (320 Series 80GB)
Strontium SRSSDGM-25

The Best SSD of SATA2 60GB SLC

The Best cost-performance SSD of SATA2 60GB
Richmax/ SUPERSSPEED Seraphim MLC 60GB

© DRAMeXchange

Dirks on Strategy: On testing business strategies Text Size

The following article is an article about stress testing by David Dirks.

"The rush to implement the "next big thing" can often blind us. When you run a business and you're the chief cook and bottle-washer at the same time, who has time to question what looks to be the greatest business strategy ever created?

Stress-testing a business strategy before it's implemented is one way to help mitigate some risk, though you can never eliminate it. Besides, if you own or manage a business, risk is what defines your path to success or failure. Here are a few ways to stress-test your next great business strategy:

- What return-on-your-investment do you need to call your strategy a success? To say "more sales" or "more profits" isn't quite the answer needed here. Calculating and clearly defining the ROI for your time and the resources expended to implement your business strategy is a must, not an option.

Teamcenter Performance Testing Measures Excellent

The following article is about performance testing, from Siemens PLM Software.

"A business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services has measured excellent results in performance and scalability tests for its Teamcenter® software running on the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. The testing simulated 5000 simultaneous user sessions – which can equate to many more potential users in a typical global environment. Conducted in conjunction with Microsoft and with the help and support of HP and Intel, the test results demonstrate the full enterprise capabilities of the Microsoft SQL Server database for PLM.

Features & Benefits of Load Balancing Appliances

The following is an article about features and benefits of load balancing appliances. It is written by Ajax at

"Load balancing appliances are essential parts of a network. If you intend to maintain a stable network performance, you need to have a dynamic load balancing solution at place. It is also crucial for ensuring that resources are equally disseminated across all accessible servers in an optimal way.
Benefits of Load Balancing
Load balancing appliancesenables a network to increase its consistency and performance by assuring that the resources are not overloaded. There are several ways to install a load balancing solution on your network structure, which consists of both software and hardware balancing appliances. The benefits are listed below-
1. Network Architecture -The solution is able to manage multiple functions and offer benefits to the network levels.
Related Coverage
Load Balancing Appliance-Benefits of a Load Balancing Appliance
Load Balancing Appliance for Dedicated Severs
Benefits of Link load Balancing Made Simple
Understanding the Benefits of Load Balancing
Scalability – As the size of your enterprise expands, the strain on the databases, network servers, and other crucial areas to increase. A load balancing solution offers the scalability for long-term planning.

Best Practices for SSD Performance Testing

The following article is about performance testing from

"Everyone knows that solid state drives are fast. While speed is great,
consistent performance is essential. That’s because data centers are driven
by service level agreements (SLAs) that demand the same level of fast
storage performance 24×7×365, regardless of the workload complexity or
changing I/O intensity levels. So how can you evaluate the sustainability of
SSD performance?
Criteria for Evaluating SSD Vendors
When evaluating enterprise SSD vendors and products:
1. Ask vendors to have product performance claims validated by a proven,
independent third-party auditor.
2. Make sure the test methodology leverages enterprise workloads that
include predominately random I/Os per second and uses both query and
update operations. Online transaction processing, email, and database
applications deliver these types of workloads.
3. Confirm that the test evaluates and reports on user responsiveness
(eliminating excursions) and latency with respect to changing I/O
intensity levels. This is an important performance consistency indicator
as it shows the level of variance in end-user response time.
4. Ask the vendor to disclose the test duration. One-hour tests are good
to gauge general performance, but insufficient to prove long-term

Cigniti's Performance Testing Services

The following article is about Cigniti's performance testing services.

"Services Performance Testing
Test Strategy Consulting
Performance Testing
Test Automation
Compatibility Testing
Functional Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Onsite Consulting
Outsourced Product Development

Cigniti’s Performance testing Services are designed to meet your needs at any stage of the software development lifecycle to target and solve performance defects early in your project’s development lifecycle. Cigniti draws a substantial amount of performance testing expertise from diverse applications, technologies, and businesses.

We can help you determine the best approach and methodology for performance testing and validation of your business critical software projects. We possess the skill set to evaluate the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and impact of different load and usage patterns on your system.

Service Offerings

Load Testing
Stress Testing
Volume Testing
Soak Testing
Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning
Performance Code Reviews/Profiling
System Characterization
Performance Testing Differentiators

Full-cycle performance engineering services
Proprietary frameworks to accelerate the process and optimize testing

BreakingPoint to Conduct Live Singapore Scale

A press release from marketwire, about Breaking Point Systems, is a good article about performance testing.

" BreakingPoint, the leader in massive-scale, real-world LTE/4G testing, today announced plans to conduct unprecedented LTE/4G performance and security testing during the LTE Asia 2011 conference. From booth No. 25, show attendees can witness a single BreakingPoint CTM create six million mobile users -- more than the entire population of Singapore -- as they download rich media content, Skype with friends, purchase music, post photos on Facebook or unknowingly share the latest malware.

BreakingPoint LTE/4G live testing during LTE Asia 2011

BreakingPoint's mobility testing is the only fully integrated solution for generating massive-scale application and attack traffic over LTE infrastructures -- from the handset and tower through the backhaul Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Working with BreakingPoint's intuitive single-screen interface and a single, comprehensive, easy-to-maintain device, users can:

-- Emulate key LTE network components, including millions of User
Equipment (UEs) and thousands of eNodeBs, plus Mobility Management
Entities (MMEs) and Serving Gateways (SGWs).
-- Create the behavior of up to 90 million concurrent mobile users for
just pennies per UE.

Keynote Enables to Sail Through the Holiday Shopping Season

The following is an article from Keynote Systems about load testing.

"(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Keynote Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring, today announced that Karmaloop, a multi-platform Web retailer specializing in global underground fashion and lifestyle, successfully used Keynote LoadPro Web load testing services to optimize their existing infrastructure ahead of the holiday rush. After a period of rapid growth in customer traffic that strained the capabilities of the e-commerce site, Karmaloop employed Keynote LoadPro to test the performance of its Website and recommend optimizations. By following Keynote’s suggestions, Karmaloop ensured that its site would serve customers throughout the 2010 holiday shopping season with high availability and performance. Karmaloop’s success with Keynote LoadPro underscores the critical need for retailers to prepare their sites now with real world load testing to be prepared for the 2011 online holiday shopping season.

“Karmaloop demonstrates how this service can give customers peace of mind knowing that their site will deliver the necessary availability and performance to meet their customers’ demands, even during periods of peak traffic.”

Day 2 – Morning Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @simonbrown

The following is an article from gep13's Blog about load testing.

"The second day of the Progressive .Net Tutorials got off to a flying start thanks to Simon Brown (@simonbrown) and his “Load Testing for Developers” session.

First up, I have to give Simon a lot of credit for his preparation for this talk. His blog post clearly listed all the requirements for his very interactive session. This included getting the source code for the application that was being tested, the load testing tool (jmeter) that we were going to be exercising, as well as his slide deck.

Interestingly, his slide deck was in the form of an Evernote notebook, which as well as having the standard slides, also had a set of exercises that were to be completed during the course of this presentation. Normally when I am in a session like this, I fire open OneNote and take notes in there, but for the sake of this session, I closed OneNote . I have to say though, I was impressed with Evernote. I don’t think I will being switching any time soon, but it was very good.

Now, onto the actual content of the session….

I have to say that I was very impressed with the session. Now, I have never done any form of Load Testing, and I was worried that in order to do any there would be this convoluted process to put all the pieces in the right place and get it all working, but this is simply not the case.

Keep Your Website from Crashing with Load Testing

The following is an article from Neustar Webmetrics about load testing.

"It is a web developer’s nightmare – you launch a new website and it crashes because it was not properly load tested.

Unfortunately, that nightmare often becomes reality for many developers and organizations – including recently a salary and wage website for the Ohio’s Treasurer’s Office.

Oracle introduces its Application Testing Suite 9.3

The following is an article from CBR Software Enterprise Applications, written by CBR staff writer.

"Provides customers pre-built scripts for testing Siebel CRM implementations

Oracle has introduced Oracle Application Testing Suite 9.3, which the company says is an advanced application testing offering for Web, SOA, and Oracle Applications.

The new release inculdes a test starter kit for Oracle's Siebel CRM, providing customers pre-built scripts for testing of their Siebel CRM implementations.

It is integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager's middleware and features database diagnostics that provide testing efficiency and productivity by enabling testers to detect performance bottlenecks faster and with less effort, the company said.

Oracle Application Testing Suite 9.3 supports testing based on Capgemini Group's Test Management Approach.

This new application provides an integrated offering for load testing, functional testing and test process management, enabling customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure.

Oracle Application Testing Suite 9.3 offers diagnostics for Java applications and Oracle Database tiers.

It also features Oracle Test Manager that delivers new test planning module to allow QA Managers to manage test planning documents or templates related to their testing process and methodology.

A practical approach to firmwide stress testing

The following is a good article about stress testing from SAS High performance Computing.

"Stress tests have been used in the past by risk practitioners in larger banks to assess the impact of a scenario on the value of its portfolio. However, the global financial crisis that began in 2007 generated new interest in stress testing.

The financial crisis revealed weaknesses in the organisational aspects of current stress testing programs. Prior to the crisis, stress testing was performed mainly as an isolated exercise by the risk function within a bank, and results were manually reported to regulators. Further, differing stress events and assumptions used in each model also meant that the outputs could not be easily aggregated into a meaningful, combined result. Results of each model were reviewed independently, making comparison across risk types or assets impossible. The financial crisis also highlighted the use of macroeconomic stress testing as an important part of any stress-testing framework.

A Joint Load Testing Of MICEX And RTS Trading Systems Fixed

The following is an article from, about a joint load testing of MICEX and RTS trading systems fixed.

"A joint load testing of MICEX and RTS (FORTS) trading systems will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011. The testing was approved by the users IT committees of the exchanges.
Such joint testing will allow trading participants and their clients to get more actual estimations of efficiency of their systems and connection channels when transactions number and intensity grow considerably.
The aim of this testing for the exchanges is an estimation of capacity and productivity of the trading and clearing systems core and also access servers of the exchanges and overall technical infrastructure including connection channels, clients access servers, software of Trading participants and end users applications. In addition, an operation testing of the Trading system prospective configuration and a detection of any potential weak places when the maximum load has been reached on the trading system and infrastructure of the Exchange and of the trading participants will be carried out during the testing.
We invite all Trading participants to participate in the testing and to connect their own software and hardware tools including internet trading systems, algo trading and high-frequency trading systems to the testing.

How to Use Web Load Testing to Prepare for Holiday Success

The following is an article from Linkedin about how to use web load testing to prepare for the holiday season.

"Starts: Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 11:00AM PDT
Ends: Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 12:00PM PDT
Event Type: Conference
Location: This is a virtual event.
Industry: retail
Keywords: Retail, Testing, Web Performance, E Commerce, Black Friday
Intended For:
Organization: Keynote Systems
Black Friday is coming up fast! How are you getting your retail site ready to handle peak traffic this holiday season?
Join this live webcast to learn:
How to minimize website abandonment due to slow and unavailable pages and transactions
Web performance mistakes you may be making and not even know about
Web performance metrics that will help your holiday forecasting and planning
How to test your site from where your customers are, from the browser all the way to your data center
Web load testing best practices (“do-s & don’t-s”)
This interactive discussion will explain the benefits of Web load testing, while providing practical tips on how to get your Web load testing project started and enjoy a successful holiday shopping season.
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